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Daphne Dalle
Straße, Stadt
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0151 75980102
170 cm


New member
11 April 2019
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Meeting beautiful Daphne

Thank You for meeting me in Berlin! Everything was correct.
Had a very good time together. I enjoyed our conversation about beautiful places in Australia, in Europe and about other things.
And of course I enjoyed very much the things you have done with me!
Would love to meet you again some time.
See you in Berlin! Or maybe down under


warm and amazing

To arrange m date with Dana was the first easy thing. We met in a hotel and get directly into warm human contact. Dana asks a few precise questions and the adventure starts like a rocket. I had so much fun. Dana ist experienced in everything she offers. She ist bright an pretty and everything else you can expect. Thank you for your passion, Dana!


A special experience

Miss Wakefield very patiently helped me explore exciting new territory and made me feel very comfortable the entire time. Just generally a pleasant girl to be around. Won't be the last time!


Stunning encounter

Dana is a mind blowing, intelligent and open minded woman who switches easily between tender loving girlfriend and wild femme fatale. It's a joy to talk with her and a delight to discover her body. It's easy to relax with her and have an intense time that's sure tol last in one's memory. Highly recommended!


Hot Foursome

With Dana we experienced an exciting foursome as we never had dared to expect. Though we never met before she acted with wild sex on all of us removing all barriers between us. Dana is a really sensual woman owing a beautiful body. But not only her body knows a lot of secrets to open up intense feelings...In between we had a nice conversation under the light of full moon. And at the end we all were exhausted and satisfied. One of the events one will never forget hoping that it could be repeated once.
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Daphne Dalle
+49 151 75980102
I prefer an SMS or Whatsapp message, no phonecalls please.

Hello, future lover.

I’m Daphne- a 26 year old independent companion. I am currently based in Berlin, but tour internationally.

Intuitive and empathetic, with a carefree nature and quintessentially Australian warmth. I love to explore, and seek out new experiences. Will you join me on an adventure?

Well-travelled and well-read, yet genuine and down-to-earth. Equally comfortable in a rock-n-roll pub as I am at a fine dining table. A enthusiastic conversationalist- I can hold my own in a battle of wits, and am just as adept when it comes to filthy pillow talk. Let’s philosophise together- or we can skip that part entirely!

Slim and quite tall, 5’7 without heel, with natural breasts and a gorgeous, pert bottom- perfect for a cheeky squeeze. Long, shapely legs. Copper-red locks, a smattering of freckles across my cheeks, and creamy, porcelain skin. Blue-green eyes to lose yourself in.

I am a professional, discretion is just as important to me as it is to you. I favour a classic style, dressing simply and elegantly and will not attract undue attention.

Until we meet,

Daphne xo


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